The Royal Dumonts

With a lofty name like The Royal Dumonts, one might think of royalty or people of privilege with delusions of grandeur. The Royal Dumonts are none of that. They are hard line rockers with a love of the blues and roots rock, who got their name from a label on a bottle of scotch. Albums like – “Make it Right” and “Before the Stone” – capture your spirit and you know The Royal Dumonts will lift you up and keep you there.

Jack Bernice, NY Blues Hall of Fame inductee, brings his blues influenced vocal power, along with his lyrical portraits of everyday life.

The Murp’s remarkable skills of drumming, song arranging and recording experience make him a perfect fit.

Simon Burke brings his solid as a rock style of bass playing to help form the sound of the band..

Mike Smith, guitarist extraordinaire brings his considerable talents to make The Royal Dumonts a musical force that's guaranteed to please.