The Royal Dumonts

With a lofty name like The Royal Dumonts, one might think of royalty or people of privilege with delusions of grandeur. The Royal Dumonts are none of that. They are hard line rockers with a love of the blues and roots rock, who got their name from a label on a bottle of scotch.

Their newest recording, “Make it Right " uses elements of blues and rock to send their message “old school rock with a no school attitude.”

 Fronting the Dumonts is  lead singer Jack (JB) Bernice who was recently inducted into The Blues Hall of Fame in NYC in 2013. His raw power, energy, lyrical portraits and showmanship provide the catalyst for The Dumonts.

  Guitarist and songwriter Joe Dattilo brings his influences of old time rock n roll into the band. Having played with everyone from blues legend Eddie King to Cyndi Lauper his accomplished guitar imagery and songwriting ability have made a great songwriting team with the heavily blues influenced JB.

On drums is The Murp who has played all over the world with bands such as The Misfits and Sardonica. His heavy punk influence along with his remarkable drumming became the perfect fit with The Dumonts and their diverse styles.

Filling out the band from England is bassist Simon Burke who pulls the whole band together with their 3 diverse influences making it sound as one.

This recording will capture your spirit and let you know that the Royal Dumonts will lift you up and keep you there.