The Royal Dumonts      post punk blues rock !

With a lofty name like The Royal Dumonts, one might think of royalty or people of privilege with delusions of grandeur. The Royal Dumonts are none of that. They are hard line rockers with a love of the blues, punk and rock n roll who got their name from a label on a bottle of scotch.

 Fronting the Dumonts is  lead singer Jack (JB) Bernice who was recently inducted into The Blues Hall of Fame in NYC in 2013. His raw power, energy, lyrical portraits and showmanship provide the catalyst for The Dumonts.

  Guitarist, producer and songwriter Joe Dattilo brings his rock n roll and blues influences from Link Wray to Keith Richards to Muddy Waters into the mix making this 3 piece band sound like 2 guitars.

On drums is The Murp who has played all over the world with bands such as The Misfits and Sardonica. His heavy punk influence along with his remarkable drumming became the perfect fit with The Dumonts and their diverse styles.

Filling out the band from England is newest member, bassist Simon Burke who pulls the whole sound together with his solid bottom and unique melodies.

After a long year playing dates in the tri state area the Dumonts are currently back in the studio again recording their 3rd album to be released in the spring with a new single release planned for February.